Orbea Bikes

Since 1930, Orbea bikes have inspired and excited riders the globe over from their Spain headquarters.

You want the look of carbon but have an aluminum budget? Orbea aluminum finish looks just like carbon. Come and judge for yourself! The full lineup of carbon and aluminum rides are currently available.

Ever since a famous New Brunswick mountain biker and Olympic medallist was shredding the World Cup circuit and winning Olympic medals with Orbea, I would wonder why we could not buy Orbea bikes in Fredericton, a few minutes from her home of Harvey. NOW. WE. CAN.

Come and see for yourself why you should be as excited as we are!
Mountain bikes include the Rallon, Occam, Oiz, Laufey, Alma
Road bikes include the Orca, Orca Aero, Avant, Terra

E-bikes include the RISE, WILD, URRUN for the mountain and GAIN,VIBE, OPTIMA for the road.

Marin Bikes Canada

Marin Bikes are Made For Fun. Since the first mountain bikes bearing the Marin Bikes name debuted in 1986, the brand has been dedicated to enriching the lives of our riders by making fun, high caliber bicycles, which provide years of riding enjoyment. We operate a business based on hard work, fueled by passion, and fulfilled by the satisfaction of bringing the joy of cycling to riders across the world.

Whether your idea of fun involves riding rugged trails to that high alpine lake, pinning on a race number and entering your first race, taking the long way home on your commuter bike, bikepacking to that remote campsite, or just exploring the neighborhood bike paths, Marin brings the fun to your ride. It’s the principle that guides us when developing new bikes, from long-travel, trail-devouring machines that are at home in some of the world’s most challenging race circuits to the multi-surface capable pavement collection. Each model is designed to be playful and to maximize the opportunities for two-wheeled fun.

Mountain bikes include the Alpine Trail, Rift Zone, Bobcat Trail, San Quentin, Skytrail, Eldridge Grade, Bolinas Ridge.

Gravel bikes include the Gestalt, Gestalt X and Headlands.

Hybrid/commuter bikes include the Kentfield, Fairfax, San Anselmo, San Rafael.

Salsa Cycles

Our mission is to make the best possible bikes and accessories for adventure. The Salsa team has centuries of collective experience riding, working on, thinking about, and designing bikes. This background informs everything we do. It inspired us to develop the industry’s first gravel race bike (Warbird) and full-carbon fat tire bike (Beargrease). It pushed us to dream up drop-bar bikepacking machines such as Fargo and Cutthroat. It influenced our mountain bikes’ characteristic ride quality and innovative Split Pivot + design philosophy. It helped us innovate equipment ranging from handlebars to cargo. It’s leading our path forward.

It has also made us believers of the idea that adventure makes life better. We’ve learned the life-changing power of new places, new people, extraordinary achievements, and unforgettable experiences. We want to bring this wonder to everybody, so we design our products with versatility and features for imaginative riders. We tell stories that educate and inspire. We work to build a community in which everyone feels welcome to ride with us.

Gravel bikes start at $1499 and include the Journeyer, Cutthroat, Warbird.

Mountain bikes start at $1499 and include Rangefinder, Timberjack and more
Fatbikes start at $2899 and include the Mukluk and the all-carbon Beargrease.

(prices in US dollars on website)

Fuji Cycles


Before the automobile, before the airplane, Fuji began as a bicycle company – founded in 1899 and named for one of the world’s most iconic peaks. In the 123 years since, the Fuji brand and its distinctive mountain logo have been synonymous with cycling and cyclists everywhere, which is why you still hear riders say, “My first bike was a Fuji.”

Mountain bikes start at $899 and include the Nevada and the Bighorn.

Gravel bikes start at $1549 and include the full Jari lineup.

Hybrids start at $749 and include the Crosstown, Traverse, Absolute.

(prices in US dollars on website)

Canadian Manufacturers include Velec E-bikes, Moose Bicycle Company and Spherik Bike Company

Moose Cycles
Moose Bicycles

Moose was born in 2013 in a garage in the suburbs of Gatineau, QC. It was created by three friends with a fierce passion for bicycling and cross-country skiing. Having worked for an American company trying to establish itself in Canada, they rapidly developed a network with key actors of the industry.

Single speed bikes starting at $589.
Gravel bikes start at $1199.
Fatbikes start at $899.

We currently have fatbikes and Single speeds in stock! The fatbikes are solid model with a beautiful frame, true knobby winter studdable tires, 1x drivetrains and disc brakes.

Velec Cycles

Velec is an electric bicycle company born in 2005. All their energy is focused on electric bikes. The company has more than 350 retailers in Canada and over 35,000 satisfied customers.

Thanks to Velec, you can travel longer distances with less effort while remaining sweat free. A great advantage when you have to get to work and back, or run errands.

Go further and longer , with less effort and more pleasure.

You are now free to be outdoors riding a bike without any fear of headwinds or of becoming tired far from home or work. The Velec 6-Level Assistance System is the perfect solution that lets you adjust your speed to the physical condition you happen to be in as you ride.

VAA: Velec Anti-theft Protection + Assistance offers new Velec owners protection in the event of theft for three years following the date of purchase and unlimited roadside assistance across Canada for all Velec users for no additional cost.

Spherik Cycles

Was born 11 years ago building carbon road bikes. Now they have a full line of road bikes, fatbikes and mountain bikes as well as a full fleet of pedal assist e-bikes with motors from Shimano STEP and Bafang.

How does a small bike company from Quebec manage to deliver high-end bikes of similar quality to all the big players on the market? There is a simple recipe, but you have to possess all the ingredients, which is not given to everyone.

It takes Science, knowledge of the Asian jungle, hours in the saddle, the best collaborators and a “think outside the box attitude”.

In stock, we have fatbikes starting at $1500 and full carbon road bikes.


Whether it’s exploring the spectacular nature of the great outdoors or traveling the world with family and friends, we all have a passion for enjoying an active life.

At Thule, we share your desire to spend more time enjoying our passions – which means less time worrying about how to bring all the stuff we need. For more than 75 years, Thule has been creating solutions to simplify life’s adventures. We are committed to developing smart, stylish products that are environmentally sound, high quality, safe, and easy to use. All so you can bring the things you care most about.

Whatever your passion, whatever your pursuit.
Wherever you ́re going, whatever you ́re bringing.
With Thule, you’re free to live your active life to the full.

Explore Velo will have all Thule products related to cycling including racks, locks and more.


RockyMounts was created with an ideology: when you absolutely, positively can’t ride it there; we’ve got you covered. It has guided the business since 1993 and every day since. Solid, well designed, and dependable racks to get you to the next ride, destination, or big adventure.

Some bike rack brands ask you to buy the rack then ask you to pay more for the locks. Rockymounts is different. The Monorail 2 bike hitch rack includes the hitch lock AND the bike lock with cable all in the box. All for just $689.99 for the 2” hitch version.

– No contact with the frame, secures bicycle by the front wheel
– Carries tires up to 5.0” and diameters from 20” to 29”

(prices in US dollars on website)

We Are One

We Are One Composites carbon wheels from this legendary Canadian company of bombproof products. We have sets for the XC/Gravel crowd called the REVIVE, for the trail crowd with the FACTION and the CONVERT for the enduro crowd. They are assembled with legendary Industry 9 hubs and come in a variety of driver body and hub configurations to suit your needs. Come and see these great wheels for yourself today!

Other Brands well represented at Explore Velo