What customers are saying 

What customers are saying 

“I had my fatbike tuned up and point out some issues that I had on it.
They fixed everything and even more when I went to pick it up. They know their product, do great recommendations and even have a degrease station to clean the gunk accumulated.
Avid bike riders – that is the place to go for great service without throwing your money away!
The fact they can serve you in both French and English helps too. They also provide an online detailed report to outline the fixes that were made. Highly recommended!”

G. J.

“Awesome service!!! We just bought an Orbea Gain D50 for my wife. Paul took us in after work hours to make sure we were comfortable with our purchase… We’ll be back in the fall to check out some Fatbikes.”

S. G. 

“Awesome service! Great friendly & knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended.”

D. C.

“Very knowledgeable and experienced staff. Passionate about cycling!”

R. K.

“Lots of great stuff here, staff are friendly + helpful !”

A. J. 

“I didn’t realize this bike shop existed. And boy am I happy I found this place. Yes, the location is odd, being in an industrial park, but they have a really good selection of bikes and accessories. From helmets, shoes and gloves to child seats, and also hitch mounted racks, I was impressed with the variety of accessories they had. I typically only see that in big cities.
I was shopping for a mountain (trail) bike, but they also have kids’ bikes, road bikes, and electric bikes.
Reviewing this, I know that I had my mind set on a Specialized bike, and was absolutely not interested by unknown brands.

Orbea brand: When I visited, they mostly carried the Orbea brand. Which I had never heard of and was really apprehensive about. But after doing some research, I found out it’s a huge brand in Europe, it’s actually the 2nd oldest bicycle maker in the world. They have been making bikes since 1920, which is over a 100-year-old. And some of their model won world cups.
So I started looking at the bikes and compared with other big brands. The value for money was really good with good known parts (RockShock, Fox, Shimano, etc…). The aluminum frames look so smooth you can barely see the welds. Looks like carbon fibre until you touch it.
Looking at reviews online really shows that Orbea know what they are doing as far as geometry and selecting parts.

Staff: At the time I visited, all the staff was bilingual. I was served by Sebastien, who was very helpful and truly took the time to understand where I am coming from, what my experience level was, and what I was looking for.
I was able to try several bikes, more than once, as I wanted to compare several things and sizes.
(Ps: if you try bikes, the store has a helmet policy, they will ask you to wear a helmet. They offered for me to use a demo one, but you might want to bring your own helmet if that bothers you. I actually think it’s a great policy btw.) Paul (the owner I think) was also very helpful. 
I cannot overstate how good it felt to have someone who really cared about my needs.

Purchasing experience: It was also very good. I was rushed on time on the first day so I said I would come back the next day to finalize things. They were very accommodating and I didn’t feel
any pressure at any time.
They took time to adjust the bike’s suspensions, and had me try various settings, while showing me the differences, to ensure it was adjusted to my liking, but also to ensure I understood how the various settings worked so I could be knowledgeable in fine-tuning it on my own.
They took the time to adjust shocks pressure for my weight and liking, the seat height l, etc.

Warranty: They do not seem to offer a free maintenance for the first year as other places, but they will make small adjustments for the first 2 years if you need help with anything.
The receipt mentions a 14 day return policy on new, unopened and unused items.
As far as their main brand, Orbea, they offer a lifetime warranty on the frames. Which I’d be worried about for a new company, but being 100+ years old in operation, I feel it can be trusted they are unlikely to go out of business next month.

TL;DR: If you are shopping for a bike, do the detour. It is well worth having a look at the store and what they offer. Take the time to check out Orbea as a brand, you might be positively surprised.”

F. M. 

“Paul and the team at Explore Velo are very knowledgeable and friendly and really put the customer first in everything they do. We’ve bought two new bikes and had two others in for servicing and we are very happy with each experience. Highly recommended.”

S. W.

“Great new bike shop for Fredericton. Picked up a new e-bike from the folks at Explore Velo. Excellent customer service. Highly recommend!”

P. G.

“Many thanks to Paul, Carole and the crew for setting me up with a nice new bike to make my commute more active. Helpful but not pushy, & very knowledgeable!”

S. A.

“Got my bike tuned and cleaned at Explore Velo for the new season. Bike hasn’t looked and worked so good since I bought it. And I got a report like you do for a car repair…everything they looked at and did, with condition and notes for all major components. 
Thanks for the great service Paul Volpé !”


“Thank you so much to Paul and his team at Explore Velo who are amazing. What was supposed to be a simple decking repair turned into a special request from me to replace both my tires for a sturdier model. You did it successfully on the moment despite I arrived without warning. Today was very concluding!! Thank you again! Ps: Paul, I’m still going this fast “

J. B.

“Un petit garçon très content aujourd’hui, qui avait sauvé son argent reçu à Noël et sa fête pour avoir son vélo de rêve! Merci à Explore Velo pour l’excellent service “

I. D.

“I don’t think we spend enough time giving credit where it’s due to others who go the extra mile. So, I’ll start:
Explore Velo made my day this morning when I called about a patch kit for my bicycle tire. I got a flat on my way in to work (making my be st time ever – Murphy’s law! It was a great ride till the flat) because I hit a rock in a construction zone.
Paul Volpé answered the phone before his normal business hours (I was just expecting to leave a message and get a call back later in the day) and answered my questions about his stock of patch kits. A few minutes later, he called me back. He actually offered to drive down to drop off a patch kit to me so I could get myself home after work if I had a half hour to spare. It didn’t really work out because I needed to get the rest of the way to work for a meeting, but the thoughtfulness of his customer service was really impressive and appreciated.
I already was impressed from my experience when I bought my bike there – but you’ve got a customer for life now, Paul. #buylocal #activetransport #Fredericton #greatjob”

S. A.