Our service center is well stocked with all the latest tools, technology and parts your bikes deserve.
Health and safety of staff is of utmost importance at Explore Velo.  We have made the investment to install the latest technology to make life easier and safer for our staff such as our new Park Tool electric lift work stand.  This ensures that 60-70 pound ebikes are not lifted of the ground by staff, but is gently lifted up by the power lift.

Tune ups

Our technicians can complete tune ups on any brand or model of bicycles. The derailleur, shifters, brakes, headset, and cranks will be checked among many other parts to ensure a proper functioning and safe bike. You will receive a multipoint inspection and report. One accessory or part install is included.

All parts, if required, are not included in the base tune up price.

Bike spa

We are pleased to have a custom bike shower in store! Drop off a dirty bike for a wash including a degrease, wash, lube, and polish, or ADD it to a tune up work order and save $10.


Tube or tire install$15 + HST per wheel (may be included in tune up)
Chain, cassette, or grip installation$15 + HST each (may be included in tune up)
Car rack assembly and installation$29.99 + HST
Bike rack installation$29.99 + HST
Derailleur or cable brake install$30 + HST each (may be included in tune up)
Brake bleed (includes fluid and disposals)$35 + HST per brake
Ride Wrap protection full installation$59.99 + HST
Bike spa$39.99-$49.99 + HST
Tune up$59.99 + HST
Boxing up a bike for shipping or travel$75 + HST
Building a new boxed bike$99.99 + HST
Tubeless Tires: (Includes sealant, valve not included)
Tubeless tire refresh on existing set up$20 + HST per wheel
Tubeless tire refresh and clean out on existing set up$29.99 + HST per wheel
Tubeless tire new set up, taping included$39.99 + HST per wheel